We're Launching the Personal Thermostat Beta

The Personal Thermostat beta is here. 


We're so excited to share our second beta release with Embr Ambassadors, with a really exciting new feature to try: Personal Thermostat.

To download a printable version of the Personal Thermostat beta updating instructions, click the below button:


Download the instructions

What is it?

This beta is an early release of a new version of the Embr Wave mobile app. 

What's new?

The Embr Wave mobile app lets you control your device like a Personal Thermostat, directly from your smartphone! 


How do I get the new features?

The beta process involves a few different steps, so bear with us here:

Android user?

  1. If you haven’t already, opt in by going to: 
  2. Open the Play Store app, and update the Embr Wave app.
iOS user?
  1. If you haven’t already, install the TestFlight app.
  2. You’ll receive a push notification or email inviting you to get the latest beta in TestFlight. If you don't, email us at mobile-support@embrlabs.com.

  3. Once TestFlight is installed, open the email from TestFlight. Click on the ‘View in TestFlight’ button and follow the instructions to get the Embr Wave app.

Once you've updated the app:

  1. Open the Embr Wave app, and pair your device (if it isn’t paired already).
  2. In the app settings, tap on ‘Firmware’ to update your device to the beta firmware (version 26).

Using the Personal Thermostat features

Start a session. Hold down the − or + button in the app, and your Wave will start ramping up to your desired temperature! Release the button once you’ve reached your desired level.

Artboard 2

Real-time dashboard. During a cooling or warming session, the screen will show your current temperature setting. You can adjust the temperature level anytime using the − and + buttons.

Pro tip: The background color will change with the rhythm of the temperature waves.

Tutorial 2-1

Choose which Mode starts by default. Tap the Modes button to select whether Quick or Extended Mode should begin by default.

Tutorial 2

Shortcut to Extended. Need prolonged cooling? Instantly jump into Extended Mode using the toggle switch.

Cooling Capacity Bar. A fuel gauge that lets you know much longer your Wave can cool before it needs to breathe.




To download a printable version of the Personal Thermostat beta instructions, click the below button:

Download the instructions

And if you have any questions about updating, just send us an email at mobile-support@embrlabs.com

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