Case Study: How Embr Wave is transforming office comfort


EYP takes control of its thermal comfort. 

EYP Architecture & Engineering is a global provider of high-performance building design, research, and consulting services.

Their 500+ professionals work across 15 offices in the United States and Europe, and serve four sectors: healthcare, higher education, government, and science & technology. 


The Story

EYP doesn’t just value corporate wellness – they’re helping to pioneer it.

In order to offer the highest-performing solutions for their clients, the company is always on the lookout for innovative technologies that can improve wellbeing, productivity, and performance in the built environment.


The Start

In 2016, EYP awarded their Design Innovation Prize to Embr Labs for the development of the Embr Wave personal thermostat. 


The Pilot

EYP piloted Embr Wave in its Boston location.

As in all offices, some employees were frequently bothered by thermal discomfort at work.

Before the pilot, 23% of participants regularly felt uncomfortably cold or warm even when others around them were comfortable, and 40% said that being thermally uncomfortable sometimes interfered with their ability to be productive at work.


The Result

With Embr Wave, EYP employees regained control over their thermal comfort. Participants were given an Embr Wave wristband and access to the companion mobile app for 5 weeks.

“I sit next to a person who is always cold, so the heat is higher in our area. I usually cope with this by using a fan. When my Embr Wave was on, I never turned the fan on. I just tapped my Embr Wave to cool and I was good.”

- Gerard Audet, Senior Engineer at EYP 

The results were incredible: 72% of them felt more in control oftheir own thermal comfort with Embr Wave.


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Embr Wave also helped 77% of employees feel less bothered by the temperature. 




During the study, we were able to identify two other interesting trends:

Learn and predict

We were able to correlate trends in thermal comfort as the weather evolved based on employees' warming & cooling usage data. 

Gender matters

Female employees predominantly used warming. Meanwhile, male employees predominantly used cooling. 

Looking Forward

We're honored by EYP's belief in our company's vision, demonstrated by their willingness to engage in product testing and design feedback for Embr Wave. 

"One of the best ways we can have a positive impact on our planet is by reducing the energy consumption of our buildings. Embr Wave potentially represents a very interesting and innovative way for employers and building owners to lower their energy costs.”

- Leila Kamal, Vice President of Design & Expertise At EYP

This pilot with EYP shows how Embr Wave is helping move offices one step closer towards an individualized solution for the energy-inefficient debate over the optimal office temperature. 




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David Cohen-Tanugi

Written by David Cohen-Tanugi



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